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Bug Gun – Spider Catcher x 2


Pestrol Bug Gun (Spider Catcher)

Buy one get one free.

Remove unwanted insects from a distance and with ease.



Spider Cather

Bug Gun 65cm bug remover.

Buy one get one free spider catcher – get one free

  • 2 x 65cm
  • 1 x 65cm / 1 x 40cm
  • 2 x 40cm

Remove unwanted spiders and bugs with ease.

65cm is the length, to make sure you keep yourself away from the creature.

No Chemicals – catch and release, preferably outside.

Not just for spiders, but also remove moths, cockroaches and much more.

All products come with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

To pick up the bug you need to do the following:
The standard bug gun is 65cm in length. We have a shorter, smaller spider catcher at 40cm. (traveler version – ideal for the car / boat or caravan)

1 – Squeeze the handle or lever so the plastic bristles open.
2 – Position the open bristles over the insect you wish to capture.
3 – Swiftly release the handle so the bristles close.
4 – Pull the captive insect away from the surface
5 – To release the insect squeeze the lever so the bristles reopen.

So simple, but so effective. Your wife or husband will love you for it.

Spider Catcher

Spider Catcher control products that work.



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