Double Ended Rodent Trap

Double Ended Rodent Trap


Our newest and our best performing rat and mouse trap is here.

Strong, durable and super easy to set up.

370mm x 125mm x 100mm

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Pestrol’s most successful rat and mouse trap has arrived, the double ended rodent trap.

This is the latest innovative rodent trap to hit our range and is our biggest seller across the globe.

Having a double ended rodent trap seems to make a big difference for rodents entering the trap. The believe being they can see straight through (entry and exit) giving them more confidence to go in to collect the bait.

There is a trip plate in the centre of the trap. The tripping function is extremely sensitive making sure you don’t miss out on catching the rodent. This trap almost never fails!

Humane and easy to use. Start trapping rodents today using the double ended rat trap.





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