Mosquito repellent roll on

Mosi-guard Mosquito Repellent Roll On


Natural insect repellent. Nature’s answer to protecting your family from insect bites. Roll On.



Look no further in protecting yourself and your family in the Summer seasons than the Mosi-Guard  Mosquito Repellent Roll On.

The Mosi-Guard Roll On is the perfect family repellent. It is easy to apply and is completely safe having been tested and studied at the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine.

A natural product, the active ingredient in Mosi-Guard Mosquito Repellent Roll On is Citriodiol which is an extract of eucalyptus oil. The product is a natural and renewable product.

Regarded as one of the world’s most largely and successfully used natural insect repellent, you can’t go wrong with Mosi-Guard Mosquito Repellent Roll On.

Mosi-Guard does not include Deet.

10 hour protection.

50ml bottle.

Ideal for the entire family.


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