Bar Fly Trap

Pestrol Bar Fly Trap


Are you trying to have a drink at a bar or at home and you have small bar flies / fruit flies or vinegar flies around? Nothing worse – use the bar fly trap to trap them today!

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Are you tired of annoying bar flies, fruit flies or vinegar flies? This bar fly trap is your answer. It will capture hundreds of bar flies for you with its cleverly designed trapping system.

The Bar Flies are lured by an all natural food grade attractant inside the trap. They are then captured and retained on the glue boards which are wrapped around the exterior of the trap.

The Bar Fly Trap contains no insecticides, it is safe for use in food and drink preparation areas such as bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and of course around your home.

Bar Fly Trap

The Bar Fly Trap also contains no electrical parts or wiring . This means easy installation. The hook on the top of the trap will also allow it to be hung from your ceiling, under a bench or any other flat surface.

The trap itself will remain effective for up to 3 months before needing to be replaced.