Commercial Rodent Repeller

Commercial Rodent Repeller


An electronic commercial Pest deterrent device.



The Commercial Rodent Repeller is an ultrasonic rodent and bird repelling device. The commercial pest repeller can be used in stores, warehouses, kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, docks, farms, cinemas and just about any other place where being free of rodents is a must in successfully running your business.

 Features of the commercial rodent repeller:

  1. Ultrasonic waves will cause discomfort to rodents and birds.  These will do no harm to humans or pets. It’s one of the most sanitary and effective ways to get rid of those annoying pests.
  2. Frequencies range from 20 KHz to 65 KHz through modulated ultrasonic waves. These are emitted from the Commercial Pest Repeller forcing these pests to leave.
  3. Ultrasonic waves that will not interfere with any other electronic appliance.
  4. Quick results. In one to three weeks your infestation will be eliminated . Continuing to use the commercial rodent repeller will prevent further nesting and inhabitations.

The Commercial Rodent Repeller has 2 settings:

  • 1 for Birds
  • 1 for Rodents

The  CommercialRodent Repeller should be placed up off the ground. If possible at a height of 20cm to 80 cm above the ground, the speaker should then be aimed towards a hard wall surface, this will cause the waves to bounce off the walls of the room back and forth several times at various points, crossing their own path, until the room is completely protected.

Dimensions:225 x 178 x 86mm
Weight: 1270g
Power consumption: 4 Watts
Frequency range: 10,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz
Output sound pressure: 115 Decibels
Coverage: 800 Sq metres