solar animal water repeller

Solar Animal Water Repeller


Solar Animal Water Repeller



Protect your back yard with the new Solar Animal Water Repeller.

The motion activated sensor will activate a squirt of water to protect your:

  •     yard
  •     vegetable patch
  •     flowers
  •     fruit trees
  •     balcony

No more potentially destructive animals or hungry animals creating a nuisance at your place.

The PIR motion sensor  on the Solar Animal Water Repeller detects movement, its spray coverage is up to 35 feet with a coverage area of 10 – 360 degrees.

Ideal for:

  •     birds
  •     possums
  •     cats
  •     rabbits
  •     dogs

Simple to use, connect to any garden hose. Only a 3 second burst of water will be used to frighten off the intruder.

The noise and water spray is enough for the animals to avoid the area in the future.


  •     24 hour a day protecting in repelling unwanted animals.
  •     PIR motion detection (120 degree angle) only triggers when the animals move into the targetted area.
  •     Monitored area is 60 square metres
  •     Jet range is adjustable up to 10 metres
  •     Doesn’t waste water – the squirt is approximately just 2 -3 cups of water.
  •     Solar powered: includes 4 double AA rechargeable batteries.
  •     Weather Resistant.
  •     Garden hose fitting


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