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Solar Outdoor Mosquito Zapper

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Solar Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Get rid of Mosquitoes in your back yard.

New product for the UK after testing well in Australia for the last 2 years.



Solar Outdoor Mosquito Zapper

Its time to get your property back. We all love sitting outside when the weather permits. However, in the UK mosquitoes can be a real problem.

Our new solar outdoor powered Insect Killer attracts mosquitoes in your back yard and more importantly, stops the breeding cycle. Also attracts other flying insects.


  • 8 LED lights from the unit provide extra lighting for your garden / walkway or patio.
  • Latest technology UV panels provide fast and efficient battery charge.
  • Once fully charged the solar mosquito zapper will last for 30 hours.
  • The range works up to 2000 sq feet.

The solar outdoor mosquito zapper works by luring the mosquitoes from your property. Once close the unit will zapper the mosquitoes and other insects. The insects will drop down into the holding catchment at the base of the unit.

Comes with

  • Carry / hanging handle
  • Garden stake.

Note: The solar outdoor mosquito zapper will turn off during the day due to its smart sensor technology to preserve battery power for night time use. Mosquitoes have been proven to be more active at dusk / dawn and at night-time.

solar outdoor mosquito zapper






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